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Top Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

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Top Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

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Selling a house right now is something that is very hard to do, considering the fact that the world is on fire right now with all the bad things that have been happening. From the bushfires in Australia to the coronavirus pandemic, people are literally scared right now, however, there are some things that you can do to sell your house.

In this blog, GS Mann, the best real estate broker and Calgary mortgage agent in Calgary, Canada, will list down reasons why your house is not selling during this coronavirus pandemic.

Home Is Not Selling

3 Top Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

  1. People Are Scared

Millions of people lost their jobs when the government announced that non-essential businesses will be shut down during this pandemic. As a result, the real estate market and non-essential businesses were heavily affected. People that were about to be in house deals had to postpone their plans and wait for a miracle to happen so they could continue their plans, however nothing happened and the cases are still rising.

  1. You Are Not Posting On Social Media

We know you hired commercial real estate brokers Calgary for your house selling, but that is not enough. You also need to post your house listing on social media platforms. The best ones are Instagram, Facebook, Facebook’s market place, and websites that allow you to do so. This is extremely beneficial and can help you because posting on social media allows you to target people that are using the internet to find the best house for them.

  1. The Price Is Too High

The top reason is that the price that you listed is too high and is not suiting the people that you are targeting. In order to make a fast sale, you need to place a discount so you can get rid of it right away. Over pricing because you want to negotiate is a classic tactic that is not working anymore, it will just allow a potential customer to skip yours.

Why GS Mann?

GS Mann is the best real estate broker and mortgage broker Calgary rates in Calgary, Canada, that can help you purchase the best house and help you sell yours during this coronavirus pandemic. We know times are rough, but you don’t have to worry about that when you’re with us. To know more about our services, call us on the number below or send us an email so we can contact you right away.