Questions You Must Ask Your Realtors Before Buying a House
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Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a House

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Top 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a House

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If you are home shopping and you find a home that sparks interest then you must be double sure about your choice especially if you are new to the area and are not seeking help from good Indian realtors in Calgary NE. Ask your agent these 10 questions to ensure that the property is a suitable fit for you and your family. 

Ques. 1. What Is The Reason For The Seller’s Sale, And How Long Have They Lived There?

Is the seller relocating due to a new job overseas, or is it due to the home gradually sinking into the ground? Inquiring into the seller’s intentions can help you determine whether the house is a suitable fit for you. If the seller is relocating because they need to be someplace else by a certain date, they may be more open to compromise on price. Finding out how long the sellers have lived in the house may also be useful information. 

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Ques. 2. How Is The Market In This Area?

Nobody wants to live in an area where evictions are on the rise. Some areas have abandoned houses and for sale by bank signs around the streets, while others may be in decline and you won’t realize it until a few months after you’ve moved in. Inquire with your real estate agent about the neighborhood market, particularly if there is any worry that the neighborhood’s popularity may decline.

Ques. 3. When Was This Property Last Sold?

If the property has been on and off the market several times in the previous ten years, it might indicate an issue that the owners identified. It might be the location, the neighborhood, or even the house itself. Check with your realtor to discover how frequently the house has been moved out of, and if the number appears to be excessive, inquire as to why.

Ques. 4. How Much Do Property Tax And Utility Bills Cost?

It’s usually a good idea to set a budget with your money to ensure that you can purchase the property itself. Get prequalified for a loan from your bank, of course, so you know what your monthly mortgage payment will be, but understanding some of the other expenditures involved might help you plan ahead. (The finest home warranty company’s spreadsheet for determining how much you can afford to spend on a house may be found here.) Inquiring about the property tax and utilities expenses for the house might help you determine whether you can afford the home with your mortgage.

Ques. 5. Is There Any Disclosure By The Seller?

A seller is required by law to disclose any concerns with the property. Before you make an offer, ask your realtor for these disclosures so you know what’s going on with the house and the condition of its systems and appliances. Are you from South Asia and looking for a realtor who knows your language well? Reach G.S. Mann®, one of the most trusted Indian realtors in Calgary NE who has helped hundreds of Canadians to find home of their dreams. He can help you too step into the house you always dreamt of. Contact us today!