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How Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Changing The Real Estate Market?

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How Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Changing The Real Estate Market?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of millions or even billions of people all over the world. A lot of us have lost our jobs, particularly the ones that are working in small businesses or organizations that rely on day to day earnings.

Another sector that got affected by this coronavirus pandemic is the real estate market.

A lot of house sellers and house buyers were planning to make purchases and sell their properties this year, but everything changed when the coronavirus came.

Remember, the novel coronavirus has no cure or vaccine that could prevent an average person to contract the deadly virus.

In this blog, GS Mann, the best real estate broker in Calgary, is going to list down some ways the coronavirus pandemic has changed the real estate market.

How Is The Coronavirus Pandemic Changing The Real Estate Market?

  1. No More In House Tours

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, in house tours have become nonexistent. The transmissible rate of the coronavirus has forced people to place a stop on whatever they are doing, this includes in house tours for potential buyers. Some of the house owners have come up with a new way to show their houses to potential buyers, and that is by offering virtual house tours.

  1. Sellers Have Removed Their House Listings

A lot of house sellers all over the world have removed their house listings from online house selling platforms due to this coronavirus pandemic. This was done as a measure to make sure they have a roof to live under until this virus goes away.

How is the coronavirus pandemic changing the real estate market?

  1. House Moving Has Stopped

Due to the stay at home orders being announced by the government, house moving has stopped. People that were about to shift into their new houses have paused their plans, over the fact that they are scared to contract the deadly bug.

Why GS Mann?

Mortgage broker Calgary Alberta understands that you and your family have been affected by this novel coronavirus and its stay at home orders. Real estate broker in Calgary knows how important it is for each house owner to sell their house and how important it is for each house buyer to invest in new properties, that’s why we are offering our services amidst this pandemic. To know how we can help you purchase or sell a house during this pandemic, call us on the number below or send us an email.  We also offer mortgage broker Calgary rates.

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