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4 Things That You Need To Do Before Renters Move In

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4 Things That You Need To Do Before Renters Move In

So you had that extra room in your house and you decided to rent it out to a good person in your city. That’s very nice of you, but before the renter or renters move in, you want to do a bunch of things to keep them safe and protected all the time.

We know that you already understand the obligations you have once a renter moves in, but you want to make sure you are safe too, not only them.

This is why in this blog, GS Mann, a Top realtor in Calgary NE, Canada, will be listing down some things that you need to do before the renters that you have approved will move into your house during this season.

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4 Things That You Need To Do Before

  1. Make Sure It Is Safe To Move

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that your house or bedroom is safe to move in. Get your house inspected for insects and other animals. Not only that but make sure the water is running out properly and the electricity does not short when they plug in or plug out anything. Not only that, the roof along with every other thing should be checked out properly before your renters move in into your precious house.

  1. Get The Papers Ready

Another thing that you want to do is to make sure that the papers are ready. Do not allow your renters to move in without having an agreement. Also, try to have your lawyer testify it too so it could become an official document. Having papers for your renters is a good way to keep you safe in case anything bad happens to you or to the house. You can also hire the best commercial realtor Calgary NE for this one.

  1. Have Emergency Exits

If your house is located at a building, you want to make sure that your tenants have access to emergency exits. This is an important thing to do in times like this and just try to make sure that your place is safe. Try to add a fire extinguisher too! If you do not have one, you should get it done with the help of mortgage brokers Calgary NE if you do not have enough cash for it.

  1. Tell Them The Terms And Conditions

They might be paying you for living in your house, but that does not mean that they have the authority to do whatever they want. Everything has its own rules and everything else, so in order to have balance, you want to tell them the terms and conditions that you have before you move in.


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